What is chronic pain? How do you make sure that you are a victim of it? Chronic pain can be known as a repeating pain or a discomfort which can last longer than six months. It can be either severe or mild, it can be repetitive or periodic. Generally this can start from a simple injury that you have had endure while playing sports or an accident.

Pain Management  

Thousands of people all over the world suffers from chronic pain, and therefore it’s essential to tackle it before it’s become a severe issue. There are plenty of chronic pain management services existing in order to treat and eliminate the pain of those who are suffering from it. 

These professional psychologist services at Stones Corner helps patients to overcome this by adopting a complicated programme. Specialists have to diagnose each patient individually as different patients have different pain levels and different reactions to pain therapy.


Chronic pain is usually managed by two different methods. One would be medical method and other would be psychological approach or alternate therapy methods. There are two types of approaches for medical method. One is the treatment done by using drugs and other one is surgical intervention. For drug treatments prescribed for elimination of pain include NSAID steroids to reduce swelling, muscle relaxation etc.

Non drug therapies

Non drug therapy consists wide range of therapies such as family and individual therapy, warm and cold therapy, physical therapy, exercises in breathing, hypnosis and etc. nevertheless these therapies takes more time to work on patients compared to drug treatments as these exercises need regular practices. Chronic pain management helps to reduce the pain in joints and muscles by increasing the strength. It is also important to do psychological therapies to lessen depression and anxiety and it will also help to manage emotional effects one can have by suffering of chronic pain for a longer period of time.

Side effects

Drug medications used for pain and other painkillers sometimes can cause side effects like nausea, headaches, dizziness and tiredness.

Chronic pain can be really difficult to work with, but once you are able to find the right treatment methods and doctors to help you out, your quality of life can be easily enhanced.  Even though it’s not hundred percent guaranteed to completely eliminate the pain with chronic pain management services, it is certain to reduce the pain and therefore it will be easier for you to attend to your day to day life tasks with ease.