You must consider walking equipment if you cannot walk on your own. There are several brands and types for you to pick from. You must pick something which is geared towards your body type and shape some might not work for you. Here are some types of equipment for you to consider:

WALKING STICK You can consider wheelchair hire Perth WA which is either wooden or metal for the task. Some can be too difficult for you to maneuver around especially if there are several flights of staircases for you to walk and up down. Think about purchasing ones which is light and easy for you. Some might even come with added features like a torch which are great for you to see in the dark too. If you dislike a stick consider walking frames for the job. It is great to be used indoors especially if you do not go out a lot too! Consider two sticks if one is difficult for you to balance on too.

CRUTCHES Crutches are a lot better than using a stick too as you will have two on either side of your arms to distribute your weight on. You can use it if you have an injured leg or knee too. It is great for temporary use and it is good if you have to move from one area to another in a hurry. Always use it careful when moving up and down a staircase wherever possible try to use the elevator or escalator too.

WALKERS You must consider walking frames for sale which are great for you to move from one location to another. Some people find that walking frames tend to become difficult for them especially if they need help lifting items up. It is great if you want to walk on sturdy floors too. Make sure to always check on the model before you buy one so that you will be making an informed purchase.

SCOOTERS AND ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIRS You can also purchase a scooter an electric wheel chair which might cost you a lot more than normal but they are the best for moving around in. You will need minimal assistance too in the event that something goes around. Keep in mind that if you have some money to splurge you must pick this option else buy a walking frame or some crutches for support. Always check on the model of the equipment too. New ones will be more expensive for you so consider second hand models for use too.