The true spirit of the home lies in the children and the elderly. They contrast and complement each other so well, especially when living together. It’s the energy of the young, the wisdom of the old and your own love that makes your house a complete home.

Caring for the elderly and making sure that all their needs are met is quite challenging; especially if everyone else at home are working. This is probably why most modern families opt for homecare or even the elders themselves prefer staying in nursing homes.

But if your elders are healthy and aware of their surroundings, if it’s only that they are now too weak to do most things alone by themselves, then a few changes around the house may still make it possible for them to stay at your house, with you.
Here are our suggestions for it.

Changes in their bedroom.

Everyone knows how important sleep is for us humans. This proves especially true for the old and the feeble. As sleep helps rejuvenate the body and as it settles the mind, having a proper sleep cycle is vital. For this, having the right kind of bed that suits them is important as well. Electric beds, the adjustable kind, used in nursing homes are the most popular choice for the elderly as it can be adjusted to suit their body’s position. Apart from this, even water beds are quite popular, as they are extremely comfortable and are supposed to help with back pains.

Apart from water and electric beds for the elderly Adelaide, getting a sleep sound machine for the bedside table can also make sleep a little easier for them to achieve.

Changes in their bathroom.

If your elders use a wheelchair, then it definitely gets trickier to meet their bathroom requirements. You need to make sure that the bathroom they use has ample space for the wheelchair, and it’s best to give the bathroom for their use only. You’ll need to install a few contraptions that will assist them into the shower and onto the toilet. Even their tub can be designed so that they will need minimum outside support. Click here if you are looking for electric wheelchairs for sale.

But if they don’t use a wheelchair, then things get simpler. Make sure to line the bathroom floor with non-slip bathmats as most elderly unfortunately face many injuries by slipping or falling in the bathroom. Installing bathtub grips onto the side of the tub also gives them that added support to pull themselves out without any outside support, making them feel independent.

Other general tips and suggestions.

Like when you have a toddler in the house, when you’re housing an elderly and invalid person, you need to make sure that your house is clutter free to prevent accidents. If they use a wheelchair, then stairs and high shelves are going to be impossible to meet. Make sure that their necessities are kept in place where they can easily reach them. Try to create more space and have less things as it’s makes it easier to maneuver the wheelchair.