Tips for dental emergency for a happy smile

Healthy teeth and gums define your confidence. As they determine your health, they also help you smile brighter. An injury caused to them in any way can be dangerous and can have some serious concerns. A dental crisis should never be ignored, it can cause delay in healing and treatment of the injury which can also lead to a permanent damage. It is absolutely necessary to visit an emergency dentist in melbourne when a dental problem emerges but during the unavailability of the dentist or circumstances where the emergency is not dire, you can follow these tips to numb the pain or for temporary relief.

Here are some tips that can ensure the safety of your teeth and gums during an emergency

  1. Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water if you have a gum disease or broken tooth emergency. After that press your face against a cold compress it will help you decrease the swelling. If you have your tooth or any pieces of it that you can look for save it. Place a cotton bud on the gum where the tooth fell off from to stop the bleeding and see your dentist immediately.
  2. If by accident you have severely bitten your tongue or lip, take a piece of cloth and apply pressure against the injured part. A cold compress can come handy in the situation, to stop the bleeding and bring down the swelling. In situations like these and if the bleeding does not stop do not delay any longer and take the patient to the emergency room.
  3. If you have broken tooth emergency, find the knocked out tooth and only hold it from the crown. The tooth should be lightly cleansed with water. Make sure you do not wash or remove any tissue attached to the tooth. Take some warm water and salt mixture, or a cup of milk to preserve the tooth that fell off. If it is possible for you try attaching the tooth right on the empty socket of the mouth and hold it there. If you are able to reach the hospital within a span of few hours, there is a chance your dentist might be able to restore the tooth.
  4. Toothache pain can cause a lot of discomfort. There is a chance that the reason for the pain is not serious. That’s why there are many home remedies present for this problem. However, if the pain persists, a dental visit is necessary. To reduce the pain, gargle with lukewarm water, use floss to get rid of food piece stuck in between the teeth that may be causing the pain. Do not put aspirin or any other antibiotics or painkillers without the instructions of the dentist.
  5. In case of broken jaws, immediately visit the dentist in prahran. Use cold compress on the way to the dentist’s office to decrease the swelling.