Do you have elderly parents who still insist that they can manage on their own? Are you worried about their wellbeing when you are not around the house? Then perhaps it is time that you consider getting some help. While putting your parents into a home for the elderly may not be appealing there are alternative options available today that will allow them to stay at home and still be safe.

Hired help

Hired help is often the option that people choose to go with today. The older your parents get the less likely they are to want to leave their home and go someplace new and unfamiliar. If their memories are not what they used to be then moving them out of their familiar surroundings may not be the best thing for their health, which is why you should consider in home care Adelaide

Today, there are plenty of agencies that provide in home aged care and that are often willing to suit a variety of needs. You should ask friends for recommendations or visit the offices of the nearest agency in your area to find out more details. 

Questions to ask

When you do meet with the agency there are certain questions that you should ask in addition to checking on their fees and whether your insurance policy is compatible. For instance, you could begin by checking on whether they provide full time care and what that might involve. For instance, are their staff medically trained, do they take care of the housework and cooking or does their service not cover all these aspects. If they do not then you should ask what provision they make for cooking and cleaning services. If you do not necessarily want full time care, then you should ask what hours their staff work and whether you can request certain hours or if there are set hours that cannot be changed.

Assess your needs

Before making a decision to hire an agency to provide care for your parents, you should assess their needs. You need to make sure that they are happy with the care they receive and that they are not made to feel helpless. If all they need is someone to stay the night in case of an emergency then start by arranging for a night nurse. You can always get more help if it is necessary. It is better to ease them into receiving care than to force it on them – both you and your parents will be happier for it.