Most of us wish that we were rich and lived lives of luxury. However, what most of us don’t realize is that big money also means big responsibilities and big problems. Rich people often have to deal with many problems that others don’t that, at times, might even make them resent their wealth! Here are a few of the issues you would have to face if you were affluent.
Marriage and Family Problems
Rich people usually have more relationship problems than others; relationships with family tend to be strained due to the complicated lives they lead. It can be observed that rich families and rich couples tend to take more relationship counselling in Baulkham Hills than average or low income earners.
Fights and feuds as a result of money matters such as inheritance are common in rich families. Families are often torn apart as a result of such problems and among the rich and wealthy, “happy families” tend to be rare.
You Seldom Know Who to Trust
If you are wealthy, you have to be very careful in deciding who you can and cannot trust. There may be many people who get close to you for your money and seek to take advantage of you. Finding genuine friends is difficult and you may find yourself constantly questioning their sincerity. Happy, healthy and secure relationships with others are difficult to come by when you are rich.
People without much money often wouldn’t have to face this problem and they tend to be much happier in their relationships with others.
You Become the Topic of Gossip
Rich people tend to attract a lot of attention; they are usually watched by many and they are often robbed of their privacy. As such, the wealthy will find that many people gossip about them and spread rumours (which may be either true or false) hither and thither. This can get very tiresome and annoying and can lead to stress and anxiety.
Being in Danger
Being wealthy may make you a target for thieves and other criminals; this means that you will be in constant danger. Rich people therefore tend to take measures to protect themselves and their families such as installing high-tech security systems in their homes and even hiring security guards.
Dealing with Stress and Anxiet
As a result of all the reasons given above (and others), being wealthy may be a major source of stress. Dealing with family problems caused by money matters can see a psychologist, being constantly suspicious of others and being the topic of gossip and rumours can cause stress and worry. Other sources of stress may be from having to manage and protect your money and your business.