Excessive hair growth especially in unwanted areas of the body can be due to either genetics or medical conditions. Most individuals typically girls opt to remove such unwanted hair on their face and body through treatments by professionals using laser technology. This is most often the only way in which you can remove or reduce the growth of unwanted hair permanently. There is a list of steps that you must follow prior to getting treated and these steps are briefly summarized below.

Be informedAs with any procedure done to your body, laser hair removal machine, although a treatment done without the need for incision or surgery needs to be done by knowing the process, side effects and many other characteristics such as your hair colour or skin tone. Discuss with your dermatologist whether you are right candidate for the procedure and get to know the preparation instructions. Search online too for similar pre-treatment instructions and be informed.

Avoid sun exposureIt is mandatory to avoid any type of tanning or excessive sun exposure at least a month before the treatment. This includes using sunless tanners as well. It is advised to apply sunscreen if you think you will be exposed to sunlight for long periods as the skin should be light in order to start treatment. Whether IPL hair removal equipment is used or any other form of treatment, this is general advice that you would be given by your doctor prior to the procedure.

Refrain from waxing or pluckingAt least 2 to 4 weeks before the day of treatment, you will be advised to refrain from removing hair either by waxing or plucking as this will typically reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Make sure to avoid bleaching your skin at all times prior. You will however, be instructed to shave the area of treatment lightly by the doctor on your last consultation before the procedure. This is so that the hairs are not too long and the procedure will be less painful, keep in mind that hair follicles must still be visible for the procedure to be effective. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics or an oral antiviral medication to be taken before the day of the treatment if required. The area of treatment must be free of any lotions, cosmetics or creams on the day of the appointment. It is also advised for individuals to wear clothing that is loose fitting or that will have the treated area exposed afterwards so it is not prone to any tightening or friction with the clothes you are wearing.