There is no separate sect of people who are judgemental. We all have a small to large part within us which is judgemental on its own without proper instructions or any kind of teaching. It is just like how wee learn to breath, unconsciously we learn to do it and later we understand the importance and the impact that it will causes. We all are judgemental about someone or other person based on our perceptions and our biased prejudice and discriminations. People might tell that they are not judgemental but deep down, we all know we are of course judgemental.

For example, when a female or male have an awkward looking teeth structure, not just the people they know even the general public will tease them. We all have defects and we have to reassure ourselves that we are not the objects as explained by the society. It is giving a huge blow to our spec concept and self esteem which determines us. But sometimes it gets to us and we find the Orthodontics hospital and find dates to have appointment with the doctor. These things should come from within us to change the things. Most of the time, these changes are forced by the people around us who are constantly nagging.

It is important to put a stop to those things and increase the need to connect personally to our own selves and see the meaning of the person whom you see in the mirror. The strong person who had seen so many things in life who had faced betrayal. You are still strong and going on with your life. You did not put a stop for it. You are wearing a hard poker face and walking in the curved roads. The life you are having might be hard, but the way it ends is the only thing that matters.

For example, it can be seen in the way people reacted to Orlando gay club shooting. So many people were compassionate about the loss of man kind. They respected the fact that men were just feeling bad and being supportive over the fact that the people who died were human beings and they had a family and a lover. They had friends. We need to have some sort of respect and try to understand that just the sexual preference of a person should not determine his character and abilities. So many people died of just a single persons prejudice and jealousy.