If you’ve just had a tough workout and feel as if your muscles are tight, you should consider loosening them up as much as possible. It is only natural that the muscles tighten up after a strenuous workout as it helps them grow. This is all part of the process of getting better each day. As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. The muscle pain actually means that your body is repairing any damaged fibres that the workout might have caused. However, you should play your part in relaxing your muscles as well. Consider different stretches as advised by your physio in Ashfield therapist or fitness coach. These exercises will help loosen up the muscles and speed up recovery times. If you feel a little pain after a tough workout, it could be due to a variety of reasons, so don’t think of it as an injured muscle just yet.  

If your muscles are not injured, but simply tight, you could also visit a therapist for a physio session. The physio therapist will show you different exercises and stretches that may help improve your condition. Although the muscles will still need to recover naturally, this session can help speed the recovery process up, so you can get back in the gym as soon as possible. If you are a professional athlete, or have an event coming up soon, it could be quite helpful to have a physio session to help your body recover in the right way. Tight muscles are often the cause of injury and it is usually one of the causes behind hamstring injuries and other muscle problems. Although the first step in taking care of your muscles is to keep it loose through proper warming up and stretching, you may still feel the tightness after an especially challenging workout.  

Exerting pressure on a tight muscle can increase your chances of injury, so it’s always better to take care before the damage occurs. Try to plan your exercise routine in a way that involves alternating between a heavy workout one day and a light recovery session the next. If you feel excessive strain on your muscles, you should visit a physio therapist and get it checked right away. It could be a mild injury and may need to be rested for a few days. However, you not have to be injured to take the full advantage of a physio session. Some people may experience muscle strain from sitting or standing too much. In such cases, a physio session will be equally beneficial in preventing injuries and improving the blood flow in your muscles. Always visit a qualified physiotherapist to avoid getting the wrong advice that might cause further injury.