When it comes to oral care, there are many different types of professionals that specialize in various aspects of dental care. You can do some online research on local practitioners and also get an idea from this non-exhaustive list as to the different types of dental practitioners that are out there before deciding on whom you should refer your problem to.

Everyday dental care needs and preventive dental care.

A general dentist provides the primary dental care.

You can visit a general dentist for any dental care related issues from gum care to root canals and fillings and all other matters basic oral care matters. They also provide information on preventive care and how to look after your teeth and avoid damage. As a rule you should visit one at least twice a year, and more frequently if the need arises. If your case requires specialized attention a general practitioners may also refer you to other consultants who are equipped to handle the situation.

Boosting your self confidence with the perfect smile

You need to visit an orthodontist for cases of misaligned teeth that need to be straightened, as they are a specially trained field of dentistry that is equipped to treat these kinds of situations. Orthodontists will use corrective measures such as metal braces to align your teeth over time to make sure they are set in their proper places. Sometimes misaligned teeth can cause problems in speech. In some instances it can also affect an individual’s self-confidence and getting them properly aligned can give them a self confidence boost.

Issues relating to gums

Periodontist are specially trained to treat periodontal diseases such as gum inflammation and problems relating to the roots. Therefore if you have issues relating to gums, such as bleeding or pain, this is whom you should refer your problem to. They will look at the spaces between your gums and your teeth and the way in which your teeth fit into the gums when you bite into food etc. to assess its healthiness in order to diagnose the situation. Periodontal diseases can be severe to treat and your doctor might require information about other medication you’re before prescribing anything.

Restorative dental care

If your dental care need is for the restoration or repair of teeth you should go to a prosthodontist. If you lose a tooth due to old age, or an accident it can create a huge impact on your self confidence. In the case of an accident such as a chipped tooth you should try and save the chipped tooth so that your doctor can try to fasten it again.