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Doctor Pager – Why it is more popular than Smartphones and Tablets

There is little doubt that more doctors now have a Smartphone, tablets, and other similar devices that they use in the course of offering their services. Interestingly, despite the increased usage of such devices, it is remarkable that most physicians still consider a doctor’s pager a must-have tool while at work. Some experts have even suggested that perhaps the time is nigh to move away from the pager and embrace other chic gadgets that have flooded the market. However, the overriding belief among doctors who cannot put the pager away is that it offers the best platform for critical messaging, which is central to the delivery of excellent medical services.

Smart phone and other similar devices struggle to function, as they ought to without WI-Fi/Internet connection. Similarly, these devices would struggle to work without cellular reliability, which would bring the medical field to a standstill. On the other hand, with a pager, there is no need for such worries. The pager does not need or depend on the reliability of cellular services or stability of WI-Fi connection. Moreover, it is worth pointing out that cellular systems, on which Smartphones and tablets depend, were never designed for critical messaging. Depending on such devices would be catastrophic for the healthcare sector.

A look at the recent major disasters shows that cellular service experience overloading, and in the worst-case scenario may even be disabled. If the healthcare sector were to rely on such services, lives would be lost as no patient would be able to receive notifications on when to go and pick his medication, or access other medical services. Imagine a situation where a patient is waiting for a very important notification from his medical provider and it does not arrive because the system is overloaded or disabled. With patient paging systems, such worries are non-existent, thereby offering patients and medical providers with the peace of mind.

Reliable pharmacy in Indooroopilly is ideal during emergencies. All healthcare paging systems are perfect, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable pressures brought about due to emergencies and disasters. Many examples have emerged of paging transmitters blown away during, but the critical messaging platform still being operational, thus providing pharmacists and doctors with the opportunity to relay important notifications and information to their patients. As long as other paging transmitters are still standing within the area that just suffered some form of disaster, the critical messaging features will continue unhindered.

Therefore, there is no doubt that doctors, pharmacists, and other medical personnel are not about to ditch the pager and shift to Smartphone and tablets. While there is no harm in obtaining such modern devices, doctors realize that when communicating with patients, they need a more stable platform that enables them to benefit from incessant critical messaging services. Unlike a cellular network, on which Smartphones and tablets rely, the paging system relays messages using multiple transmitters simultaneously. Simulcast technology is a feature of the paging system, and is not found in any other system, including cellular-based or one that relies on the WI-Fi stability.