If you are too busy watching your favourite episodes and movies whenever you have free time or just hanging around on the internet doing absolutely nothing but killing time, then you should probably try some of these exercises to get the couch potato label off of you. These exercises can be done while seated or standing so you can try them whenever you have time.

  • Legs

While you are seated, lift your leg from the knee and extend it in front of you in a straight line until it is parallel with the ground. Do the lifting slowly and then hold it in position for 8 to 10 seconds and then slowly bring it down to the ground. Do these exercises for about 15 times while switching legs. This exercise sounds harder than you think as you have to do it slowly for your leg to feel the weight and strain properly. 

  • Foot

Some people actually do this as a habit and once you get used to it, then turning it into a habit is not a big deal. To do the foot circling exercise, you have to cross your leg on top of the other while seated and then rotate your ankle in large circles (strain to make the largest circles in your head) and make 9 or 10 circles in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions and then repeat this exercise to the other leg.  If you want to build up muscles on a regular basis with natural bodybuilding supplements then hitting the gym and taking organic protein powder will be a better idea.

  • Squats in the living room

You can do this while being enamored with your newest fictional TV show character since you will not even realize you are doing if you end up starting it. these squats are easy to do and all you have to do is place your hands on the top of a chair or sofa and then lower your hips slowly for about 4 inches and then slowly get up again. The key for this exercise if doing it slowly and also making sure that your knees do not go beyond the knees when you are bending down (you can still see your toes when bent). Also make sure to keep the heels on the ground and not lift them while squatting. While these squats do not compare to the ones you do in the gym after taking organic protein powder https://pranaon.com/, these are effective.

You will need to do these exercises in a regular schedule for any of it to take effect and also help you reduce the aches and pains in joints.