You better take care of your body aches from before otherwise it can lead to your complete disability to perform any task. Most common of them can be backaches; which one gets at some point in their life.
What are the symptoms of a back pain?
• Shooting pain
• Muscle pain
• When the pain crawls down your leg
• When you have limited flexibility
Look out for the causes
Our back rather backbone is a complex structure comprising- bones, muscles, joints and nerves. So it is tough to locate the exact point of the pain.
Generally, back aches do not happen due to any serious injury; rather it is due to everyday activities which may cause minor sprains.
Possible simple causes are:
• Awkwardly bending
• Lifting heavy objects
• Overstretching
• Driving for a long time without any break
• Sudden attack
A bit complex causes are:
• Ligament sprains
• Bulging disks
• Arthritis
• Osteoporosis
• Skeletal abnormalities
People who are- overweight, pregnant women, chain smoker, overstressed and who are under long-term medication are prone to intense back pains.
Types of back pain
• Long term
• Short term
When should you visit a doctor?
Generally, back aches are treated at home with ample rest and care, but sometimes you need checkups when back pains call for some side effects like:
• Fever
• Causes bowel problems
• You get a severe blow to your back
• Sudden weight loss
• Gripping pain does not improve with rest
• Get a pain after an age of 50
• Have a history of cancer, drug abuse, and steroid use
Diagnosis for back pain
The doctor will examine your ability to walk, stand, sit, lift your leg and so on to rate your severity of the pain. If they suspect that some specific reason is behind your pain, then you are told to do- X-ray, MRI, Bone scans and Electromyography or EMG.
Back pain treatment is necessary for your well-being as your whole body posture depends on your spinal cord, you need to maintain it. Treatments vary depending on your type of back pain.
For short term pain:
• You are asked to remain active instead of bed rest as it can distract you from your pain.
• You are said to take over-the-counter painkillers (OTC).
• Undergo hot and cold treatments.
• Stay positive and always relax your muscles.
• Change your sleeping posture.
• Regular exercise energizes your muscles and bones, preventing pain.
For long term pain:
• You need to join a professional yoga class.
• Take Acupuncture treatment.
• Manual therapies like mobilization and massage, then manipulation.
• Go to pain clinics.
• Physiotherapy.
• If painkillers fail to take antidepressants.
• Injections.
If the back pain treatment also fail last option is surgery; it is of two types namely- Spinal fusion and a Discectomy.