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Managing Air Sickness

While anyone can get airsickness, certain people are more susceptible to it and have often problems when they travel by plane. Motion sickness usually caused by conflicting signals of your senses that inform the brain. The inner ear actually reacts to the actual movement whereas other signals confused the body and hence these cause nausea and in some cases vomiting.

People generally get annoyed or frustrated when they frequently come across this sickness. While there is no cure for this sickness, one could follow some tips to prevent air sickness and have a wonderful journey. Carrying emesis bags is one of the major things to remember for sufferers of motion sickness. Here are some more tips to follow:

Heavy Meals: Try to avoid spicy or salted foods and do not consume wholesome meals. A small meal consumed frequently would help in avoiding the sickness. Avoid foods that would make your stomach uneasy. Do not board the plane with an empty stomach or do not eat anything immediately before flying. Drink water and juices to stay hydrated throughout the travel. Do not forget to pack your vomiting bags though.

Seat Posture: It is always advisable to choose the seats wisely based on your condition. Though most airlines allow the passenger to choose their own seats, selecting a seat near the wings will usually have the least amount of motion during the flight travel and will help the person to focus on other objects which could reduce the sickness.

Natural Remedies: Though medicines could help in preventing the sickness, natural remedies, like consuming ginger, could help in digestion. In some cases, wearing an acupressure wristband helps to stimulate the acupressure points which would help to control nausea and vomiting.

Breathing: Taking slow and deep breaths helps to manage the motion sickness. This also helps the body to calm down and prevents the sickness. Usage of neck pillow and resting the head on the seat also helps to stabilize the movements of the body and provide relief which could prevent these sensations. Try to get fresh air and if possible, open the air vents and focus on some objects, which would probably reduce the sensation.

Music: Hearing music with headphones helps to focus on the music which will relax the mind and body and blocks out other noises that could provide stress that would increase the sickness level. It is always advisable to hear some soothing music rather than hard rock which will put more stress to the ears and naturally to the brain which will finally increase the sickness.

To sum up, staying positive also has a big impact as it helps the mind to be busy. Getting over this air sickness usually takes some time, but if the above steps are followed, one could control air sickness and have a pleasant travel.

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Pregnant Moms Are Well Cared

Pregnant mothers are well looked after in many countries .They are provided with health care services and given priority when it comes to medical facilities to keep them out of risk and danger. It is a period of ten months for them to patiently look after the small embryo which grows step by step day by day. They have to be careful look after their health and be extra careful of the small baby growing inside them.

Private hospitals open 24 hours for the convenience of patients

In the initial stage these ladies have to visit a family doctor or the gynaecologist in Altona to confirm the pregnancy. The doctors give out a plan for the next ten months and highlight the important areas and advices on the practices which need to be followed with care to carry the baby safe till the end of the term. In the most common pregnancies there are three to four scans done to confirm the progress of the pregnancy. Needed vitamins and other nutrients are prescribed and taken care of. Pregnant mothers suffering with other medical conditions such as hypertension, bleeding during the pregnancy, diabetes should be extra careful during the term since there could be complications during the pregnancy period or while delivering of the baby. Mothers with these conditions will be given special attention to keep them safe. If the patients are restricted in heavy work or travelling there are some hospitals in Melbourne Australia where they provide services and treatments at the comfort of the patient to consult the doctors at their residence minimizing travel risk as much as possible.

The doctors will explain if the patient is fit to go for a normal birth or c section. Moms who are having complicated situations of above mentioned health conditions or pregnancy conditions such as low Placenta, Placenta Previa, and placenta Acreta or Placenta Percreta will definitely be referred to a good obstetrician for a well planned c section.

There are hospitals and clinics with all high equipped medical equipments to carry out surgeries and tests. In and around Melbourne there are well reputed doctors extending their fullest support in treating pregnant mothers without any delay. They are very flexible with times giving them ample space to be comfortable and well looked after. A well organized quality service is provided with utmost care and reliable service and support. Most committed doctors are reachable on their mobiles twenty four hours open for patients to communicate with them about their situation when it is required. Therefore the smooth medical practices in Australia keeps the women and the ladies safe and steady concerning their health visits.

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